Policy Platform

Take some time to familiarize yourself with Roger’s vision for Montgomery County.

Shared Economic Prosperity

If I have the privilege of serving as your next County Executive, my top priorities will be improving our economic competitiveness, creating more jobs, and bringing about greater shared prosperity. 

Protecting our Environment

One of the hallmarks of our county is its commitment to sustainability.  We know that our natural environment is precious…and fragile.  It is also one of the great qualities of our county – bordered by the beautiful Potomac River, possessing great parks and a nationally-recognized agricultural reserve, blessed with tree canopy and streams.


Montgomery County has a long-standing tradition of putting education first.  It is the single most important investment we make in our future and the future of our children.

Consumer Protection & Customer Service

One way to think of county residents is as “consumers” or “customers.”  You are consumers of power from Pepco, water from WSSC, and liquor from our county stores and customers of a range of government services, such as MC311, trash pickup, and snow removal.

Standing Up for Seniors

We often talk about the change in our county’s “demographics.”  But one of the most profound changes sometimes gets overlooked.  Our senior population is the fastest growing portion of our county. 


The traffic congestion we experience in Montgomery County degrades our quality of life, hurts our economy, and damages our environment.

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