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Bethesda, MD – February 26, 2018 – The Berliner for County Executive campaign is pleased to announce that Roger has been endorsed by four regional leaders:  Sharon Bulova, the three term Chairman of Fairfax’s Board of Supervisors; Councilmember Derrick Davis, past Chair of the Prince George’s County Council; Jay Fisette, past Chair of the Arlington County Board; and Mary Cheh, District of Columbia Ward 3 Councilmember.

“I am deeply gratified to have the support of some of our region’s most respected leaders. There is no question that the fates of our individual jurisdictions are interconnected.  That is why I worked tirelessly as Chair of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) to lay the foundation for securing dedicated funding for metro as well as collaborating on our Amazon bids. I recognize that Montgomery County is not an island. One of our greatest strengths is the strength of our region: when our region succeeds, Montgomery County succeeds. If I have the privilege of serving as County Executive, we will make Montgomery County and our region even stronger,” said Roger Berliner.

See the full statements of endorsement below:

The Honorable Sharon Bulova:

“Many people view Montgomery County and Fairfax County as cutthroat rivals. In many ways, we are indeed competitors.  Roger Berliner, however, works with us as an ally — an effective partner who fights together with Fairfax for the betterment of our region. It was Roger’s initiative that brought our two Councils together for the very first time to get our respective Governor’s to focus on fixing the American Legion Bridge. Now Governor Hogan is proposing to do just that.  Of even greater significance, Roger and I worked together at a critical moment in Metro’s history on safety, governance and funding challenges. Thanks in large part to these efforts we are now on the brink of providing Metro the dedicated funding it requires to get back on track.  Bottom line: our region will be stronger if Roger Berliner is Montgomery County’s leader.”

The Honorable Derrick Davis:

“I have gotten to see Roger’s leadership up close and in-person on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). His collaborative style makes him a pleasure to work with. It is effective leadership, leadership that gets results, leadership that earned him the region’s highest honor:  the Scull Award, presented for “outstanding” regional leadership.  Roger’s leadership has also greatly benefited our two counties.  He was the first Montgomery County committee Chairman to initiate joint meetings with our Prince George’s County committee to discuss transportation issues so critical to the future of both of our counties.  Roger’s effective advocacy for the Purple Line and Metro will make a positive contribution to the quality of life of our residents for years to come. This I know: Roger Berliner would be a superb County Executive.”

The Honorable Jay Fisette:

“I enthusiastically, and without reservation, endorse Roger’s candidacy for County Executive. When I stepped down as the Chair of our region’s Climate, Energy & Environment Policy Committee, there was only one person I wanted to assume the helm – Roger Berliner.  Roger knows these issues as well as anyone in public life, and he has led and challenged our region to step up and fight climate change together.  I have worked extensively with Roger on environmental protection, METRO funding and other regional issues. I trust his values and his capacity to govern. If elected, I am confident that Roger would continue to be a thoughtful, pragmatic and progressive leader for Montgomery County and for the region.”

The Honorable Mary Cheh:

“I have had the privilege of representing Councilmember Berliner’s District of Columbia neighbors in Ward 3 for the past 11 plus years.  As a result, I know his work well. I know how Roger takes care of his constituents and makes life better for them.  We share common values and have each worked hard to make our communities models of sustainability. And we have worked together to make our region stronger economically. That’s one of Roger’s great qualities: he works well with people. I know Roger Berliner would make an exceptional County Executive for Montgomery County and that our region will be better off if he is.”


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