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Dear Friends,

I think it is important for those of us who seek to lead our county to not succumb to responding every time our President offends us. Otherwise it would be a daily occurrence.

However, there are days like yesterday, when the President’s actions were just so injurious to our social fabric, so contemptible, that silence is not acceptable either. This slandering of the Muslim faith is just his latest vile effort to stir up hatred. It is beyond reprehensible. And it must be beyond painful to the tens of thousands of Montgomery County Muslims who have made our community a better place by virtue of their innumerable contributions.

But if history has taught us anything, this vile slandering of the Muslim faith is not only harmful to Muslims. We have learned from history that once hatred is directed towards any one group, it spreads to “the other.” We are “the other.” Our county is home to “the other.” We are a majority minority community with a diversity of communities unmatched almost anywhere. If we don’t stand for “the other,” who will?

I want to make it very clear to our Muslim community and every ethnic and faith community that I stand with you. I will continue the proud tradition of County Executive Leggett in fighting for an inclusive, respectful, tolerant, and welcoming Montgomery County. And I will not stay silent while our president spreads hate. We need leaders today who understand that what the world needs more of is love.

Those of us committed to One Montgomery join Prime Minister May and so many others in condemning President Trump for this latest offensive tweet. For this, and so many other reasons, he is manifestly unfit to serve as our President.


Roger Berliner

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