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We are writing as Montgomery County African Americans who have been active in the life of our county, including civil rights, human rights, our school system, our economy, and our faith communities. We want to share with you why we believe our county would be best served if Roger Berliner is elected County Executive.

We have observed Councilmember Berliner and worked with him from his first days on the Council 11 plus years ago. What we saw then and see today is the special quality of his leadership.

– Some of us worked with him when he sought to find more efficiencies in government through the creation of the Organizational Reform Commission;

– Some of us watched him as he spoke about the need to hold our school system accountable for meeting the needs of all of our residents;

– Some of us were proud when he stood up for the isolated historic African American community in Tobeytown;

– Some of us appreciate that Roger understands that while our diversity is extraordinary, it is being inclusive that matters;

– Some of us are drawn to him because of his focus on creating greater shared prosperity and the fact that he was a small businessman; and

– Some of us are pleased by the leading role he is playing in making sure that our county is properly focused on reducing both hunger and poverty.

But all of us have seen enough to know in our hearts that Roger Berliner is the right leader to succeed Isiah Leggett. Maybe it is because he exhibits the qualities of someone who prepared for public service by participating in a two-year program called the “Soul of the Executive” that focused on integrating spirituality with day to day leadership. Roger Berliner is a good soul.

A good soul. A great legislator. A superb public servant. Roger Berliner will make a terrific County Executive and will ensure that his Administration represents all of Montgomery County.

Voters do have choices in this critical race to see who will lead our county. We hope that you too will look deeply at the candidates. If you do, we think you will join us in supporting Roger Berliner.


Dickie Carter, Businessman

Tina Clarke, Montgomery County Human Rights Hall of Fame Member

Judy Docca, Montgomery County School Board Member

Reggie Felton, Former President of the Montgomery County Board of Education

Jeremiah Floyd, Former MCPS School Board Member

Henry Hailstock, Former President Montgomery County Branch of NAACP

Art Holmes, Former Director of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation

Wilma Holmes, Montgomery County Human Rights Hall of Fame Member

Weldon Latham, Corporate Attorney and Advisor on Diversity and Minority Business Matters

Barron Oakcrum, Human Rights Advocate

Vernon Ricks, Montgomery County Human Rights Hall of Fame Member

Odessa Shannon, First Montgomery County African American woman elected official


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